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Will it cause any association problem if adding multi eBay Accounts?

DC system will not be associated with your eBay account.
When authorizing your account and jump to eBay, beware not to be associated. Then you are free to login DC anytime.

For new added eBay ID, how long will it take before Cross-Selling comes into effect?

For the new added eBay account, Cross-Selling needs 4-20 hours to take effect

Worried about safety of your eBay account?

• We are independent Internet items Developer
•We will not collect or record your passwords or disclose your account data.
• More than 20,000 eBay accounts are using DataCaciques.
• More than $10,000,000 sales were analyzed per day


How is data time-zone caculated?

Listing data (traffic, sales, etc.) time will be in accordance with the listing site in which they are published. Assuming your account has sales in the sites of UK, USA and Australia, then sales on Oct. 1st in the DC report = UK site sales on Oct. 1st + U.S. Site sales on Oct. 1st + Australian site sales on Oct. 1st. Sales at 12:00 on Oct. 1st = UK site sales at 12:00 on Oct. 1st + U.S. site sales at 12:00 on Oct. 1st + Australia site sales at 12:00 on Oct. 1st


eBay后台统计的数据中包含了网络爬虫的数据, 但是网络爬虫并不会带来任何销量, 导致流量数据虚高。
互联网中充斥着大量的网络爬虫, 网络爬虫占据了整个互联网中流量访问的一半以上, 详情请见: 本周来自Incapsula一份互联网报告显示,目前有61.5%的互联网流量不是由人类产生的

数字酋长只会统计真实人类访问的流量数据, 过滤掉了网络爬虫的数据, 数据更为真实。

Payment issue

Price and difference of plans 

Different plans are available for different amount of eBay accounts, listings and functions. More details: Plan Details

Are Corss-Selling and Data Analysis charged respectively?

Yes, if you want to subscribe Smart Cross-Selling, extra payment is required in addition to the basic data analysis plan.

Can I only pay for the Intelligent Cross-Selling?

Sorry, Cross-Selling is based on data analysis


Why does Keywords Search Ranking Tool have different results with eBay?

We use US IP to check the search result rank in eBay US. If we want to check the rank in eBay UK then we will use a UK IP.
So our result may be different than yours because you search with a chinese IP.

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