Walmart ERP & BI
Big Data Items Analysis All-In-One Solution Bulk Listing Items Dynamic Pricing KPI & Profit Analysis Real-Time Sales Analysis
Amazon ERP & BI
Big Data Items Analysis Real-Time Sales Analysis Sponsor Ads Optimization Finance Analysis Performance Analysis FBA Inventory Analysis
eBay ERP & BI
Bulk Listing Items Store Traffic Analysis Cross-Selling Promotion KPI & Profit Analysis Orders Automation Messages Automation
跨境电商ERP X Amazon
DataCaciques Amazon Marketplace Integration
All-In-One Solution Optimize Sales on Amazon
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150k+ Registered Users
$50B+ in Global Transactions
9 Years of Seller Service Experience
DataCaciques Amazon Features
Bulk List items
Sponsor Ads Automation
Ads Optimization
Dynamic Pricing
Buyer Message Management
Automated Order Management
Data Analysis
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Why Use DataCaciques
DataCaciques provides E-commerce Sellers with a full set of SaaS solutions involving managing your Inventory, Listings, Pricing, Data Analysis, Buyer Message, warehouse and order management. Our clients can optimize their E-commerce business, improve working efficiency and save labor cost via using Datacaciques software. The all-in-one software is developed by our E-commerce expert engineers, we have routine software update to ensure our client always have the up-to-date features. Datacaciques Account Manager and Customer Services team staff who have sufficient E-commerce operation experience provide the sevices of software training and E-commerce account management to our clients.
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